Preventative Care and Education

Preventing future problems by building good habits now!

Helping Your Smile Surfer Establish a Lifetime of Healthy Habits
Dentist showing a little girl laying in dental chair how to brush her teeth using a stuffed animal.

Preventing dental problems is easier and less costly than fixing them. At Smile Surfers, we provide preventative care and education to help prevent oral problems for your children.

We want your little ones to make healthy decisions, and we provide the tools and training they need to accomplish this goal. This is very important not only in regards to just their oral health but also in relation to their total wellness.

We provide fun and educational training and tips for areas that include:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Inspiring positive behavior for diet, exercise, sleeping habits, and so much more
  • Teaching the connection between oral and overall health
  • Encouraging your child to take positive actions to live a healthy, happy life

Our goal is to help motivate you and your kids to commit to healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Fighting Off the Sugar Monster

Knowing the dangers of sugar can help your little surfer to make healthier choices!

Kids and sugar go together like peas and carrots!

Sugary foods and drinks have been the nemesis of dentists for decades because sugar feeds the bacteria that cause tooth decay. However, recent studies have shown sugar’s damaging effects go beyond just oral health. It also affects a person’s overall health. Consuming too much sugar has been linked with the presence of major diseases in both children and adults!

If we treat the larger problem of eating sugar as a whole, it will also address the problem of sugar and teeth as well. The earlier we get started with preventative education about sugar, the better the results.

Learn more about the dangers of sugar in this short video.

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Your Kids Will Love Us!

Really, they will!
Smiling young boy in orange dental chair next to watchful dentist.

Have you recently Googled “a children’s dentist near me” and been disappointed by the results? We understand. When it comes to your kids, nothing but the best will do.

We don’t want to brag, but when it comes to children’s dentistry, we think we’re the best. Our greatest strength is our ability to see ourselves through your children’s eyes. Kids have special needs and we make sure we satisfy those needs every day, every visit!

  • We provide exceptional, comfortable care
  • We develop a personal relationship with every little surfer and their parents
  • We use positive reinforcement to overcome fears
  • We go the extra mile to make sure your children feel safe and comfortable while enjoying their visits.

I will start by saying that I am a licensed dental assistant. I took my six-year-old daughter in for her first visit today. I’m happy to report that the staff and dentist at Smile Surfers not only met my high expectations, but they also exceeded it! I would absolutely recommend bringing your child(ren) here.

Jill O., Actual Parent

Took my 12-month old for his first dental visit this week! Dr. Lothyan and the staff were great! They gave me a lot of helpful info on how to start my kid’s dental health right, even encouraging limiting sugars and eating whole/real foods (apples instead of applesauce). 12mo already loves apples!

Katie H., Actual Parent

FAQs About Preventative Care

Read the answers below.
  • What are dental sealants?
    Although brushing and flossing can clean food particles and plaque from the surfaces of your children’s teeth, back teeth (the molars) are often harder to clean thoroughly. 90% of cavities occur in the back teeth. A dental sealant is a clear polymer that can cover a tooth and “seal out” decay-causing plaque and persistent food particles. They have been shown to reduce the risk of cavities by 80%.

    We recommend getting sealants for your kiddos as their permanent teeth come in. Sealants can protect your children’s teeth through the cavity-prone years of ages six to 14. Most insurance companies cover the cost of sealants, so be sure to ask us about them on your next visit!

  • Are fluoride treatments important for my child's teeth?
    Fluoride strengthens enamel and can help prevent cavities from forming. It can help prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid from plaque and bacteria.

    Children under 16 years of age are encouraged to have a fluoride treatment, especially if they live in an area where fluoride isn’t added to the public drinking system.

  • How can I help prevent tooth decay in my children's teeth?
    Along with using preventative services, the best thing you can do is to help your child establish correct and regular hygiene habits.

    Bringing your children into our dental office after the appearance of their first tooth and establishing a routine of regular visits gives us an opportunity to help educate your little ones about the proper way to care for their teeth. We make it fun and interesting for them, and provide incentives for good progress.

    As a parent, we encourage you to follow-up on this training at home. We will be happy to help you do so with instructions, tools, and tips on how to motivate your kids to brush.

Your Child's Health Is Our #1 Priority

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