Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Drink More Water

We all know that drinking water is good for us, but our children seem to be hard to convince that water is a better alternative to juice or soda. And while we would prefer they only drink water, we understand that some battles can’t be entirely won. However, there are a few reasons that we should try to get our children to drink water that benefit their teeth and overall oral health.

Tap water contains a small amount of fluoride

This means that drinking water will strengthen their teeth and help protect them from cavities. Consuming a small amount of fluoride regularly is responsible for a decrease in tooth decay in both children and adults.

Reduce sugary drinks

The more water we get into our children, the less they’ll be drinking their favorite sugary drink alternatives. Which leads to less tooth decay, and a happier child(with a better smile!).

It prevents dehydration

Some sugary drinks, especially soda, can dehydrate the body, leaving their body needing hydration. If they continue drinking sweetened beverages to quench this thirst, their body will just need water even more! When they drink water, their body is benefiting, not just their teeth.

Water has no calories

Although your child isn’t, and shouldn’t, be concerned with calories or diet, it’s important for us to give our children healthy food and drink to keep them healthy and functioning at 100%. Water is naturally calorie free, which means that not only is water the healthiest choice, but it promotes a healthier diet overall.

Water will clear the sugars from their teeth

Since it’s inevitable that your child will be drinking beverages besides water, it’s important to balance those other drinks with water. Water will help naturally keep their teeth clean throughout the day, which will reduce plaque buildup, and make brushing their teeth at night a less painful experience.

Flushes toxins from their body

Not only does drinking water help clean your child’s’ teeth, but it will help clean out the rest of their body. It will help remove any toxins and aids digestion. This is one of the reasons why drinking extra water when they’re feeling sick is so important! It will help move the infection and toxins out of their body, so they’ll be feeling better quicker.

It can be hard to convince our kids to drink water, and we understand that. But it’s important that they’re drinking water everyday, not just for the health of their teeth, but for the health of their entire body.