Why Total Wellness Matters for Our Kids



Smile Surfers Kids Dentistry, with locations in both Richland and Sumner, aim to educate and assist in developing constructive habits that encompass total wellness. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve more than a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. Our dentists agree that education and prevention at an early age will lead to positive practices in adolescence and adulthood.


A healthy body and a healthy mouth are closely related. Strong oral health has positive effects throughout our bodies. It is closely intertwined with other important aspects of health: diet, exercise, sleep and overall hygiene. The dental professionals at Smile Surfers are committed to providing services and information to assist our patients in making smart lifestyle choices that will promote both oral and total wellness.

Total Wellness: Diet

We all know that sugary foods and beverages can wreak havoc on our kids’ teeth if we do not take the time to properly clean them. A diet low in carbohydrates, sugars and starches can help keep gum disease and tooth dec

ay at bay.

More than the obvious threat of cavities and tooth decay, a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to our children’s growth and development. A poor diet will not only restrict healthy development, it can also lead to a weakened immune system that can make your body – and your mouth – more prone to infection and disease.

Encourage your children to choose water over sodas or sports drinks whenever you can.  Water is essential in keeping their developing bodies hydrated and properly functioning. It is also critical in helping to wash away sugar and other residue that can cause bacteria in their mouths. The American Dental Association confirms that drinking water with fluoride also helps prevent cavities, and aids in saliva production – another natural defense against tooth decay.

Total Wellness: Exercise

The American Medical Association recommends that kids engage in 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day. Exercise is proven to help children achieve higher test scores in reading and math. Crucial brain development occurs when kids are active, especially at a young age. Instilling a love for sports or other active hobbies will often translate into children being active, healthy adults. This isanother positive, life-long habit that the Smile Surfers team wants to instill in our patients. Physical activity in children is also associated with increasing their social skills, confidence levels and for reducing the risk of depression and anxiety in children.

Studies have also shown that exercise contributes to a lower risk of gum disease. Active children typically also maintain a healthy body weight, meaning obesity and its related conditions are less of an issue.

Total Wellness: Sleep

The importance of sleep for children cannot be overstated. Sleep is very closely tied to exercise and diet, but most importantly is crucial in our children’s growth and development. During the sleep cycle, vital growth hormones are released. Kids emotions are regulated (think about a toddler who missed their nap!) and their brains have time to organize, reset and process.

Believe it or not, poor sleeping habits can trigger factors that can lead to inflammation in the gums. As we get older, these oral health conditions can lead to more serious conditions like heart disease or stroke. Research has told us that getting the right amount of sleep at night will also lower the risk for periodontitis.

As we stated earlier, a healthy mouth and healthy body are very dependent on each other. At Smile Surfers, we want to do more than just clean your children’s teeth and check for cavities. Our job is more than that. We are here to provide you and your children with the education and tools to develop total body wellness.

Call us today to schedule your appointment with our Smile Surfers team. Let’s put your little surfer on the path to total wellness.

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