Why a Pediatric Dentist vs a General Dentist?

· 2 min read

As a parent, you understand the importance of your child’s oral hygiene. They need to develop strong habits at an early age so that they stay healthy into adulthood. You might have purchased a fun toothbrush, or maybe you have a routine that helps your child feel more comfortable with brushing and flossing. You can also take your child to a special pediatric dentist. While general practitioners provide excellent care, here are a few reasons why you should specifically consider a pediatric dentist vs a general dentist:

Pediatric Dentists Understand Young Teeth

This one point actually has several benefits. Pediatric dentists are more familiar with the anatomy of young and developing teeth. They understand the health risks that children tend to face when it comes to oral hygiene and can look for potential problems before they develop.

Pediatric Dentists Are More Patient Than General Dentists

Pediatric dentists understand the fear some children have when visiting the dentist. This understanding gives them a degree of patience, and they prepare a more welcoming environment for children, opting for bright colors and fun toys to decorate the office. They sometimes play cartoons during the exam to keep your child focused on something familiar and comforting.

They Are Better Equipped

Again, a general practitioner has the equipment necessary to take care of your child’s oral health needs, but pediatric dentists often use equipment that is smaller and more suited to working in a child’s mouth. Also, because pediatric dentists understand children better, they typically will only introduce one piece of equipment at a time and explain how it will help. That understanding can be very soothing and prevent a child from feeling overwhelmed.

Preventative Care is the Focus for Pediatric Dentists vs General Dentists

Children are born with all of the teeth they will need for the rest of their lives. Making sure that those teeth stay healthy is the priority of every pediatric dentist. Because of this, pediatric dentists tend to focus on preventative care, often helping you learn how to implement healthy habits into your child’s routine. These are the habits that will prevent tooth decay and gum disease for the rest of your child’s life.

This is the time to teach your children the importance of oral health. Taking them to a dentist who understands their needs, who can be patient with them, and who can help to teach important habits now can have a lasting impact throughout their lives.

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