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Top 4 Toothbrush Videos for Kids (That They Will Love)

Mother helping her young son and daughter brush their teeth

As parents ourselves, we get it.

Getting your child to sit still and complete one task is hard…

Let alone have them repeat that task twice a day… for the rest of their lives.

But as pediatric dentists in Sumner and Richland, we have a few tricks up our sleeves on how to make your kids brush their teeth.

The best part:

How to get your kids to like brushing their teeth!

One of our tricks:


And we’re not talking “how to brush your kid’s teeth” tutorial videos.

We are talking catchy, sing-a-long videos with some of your kids’ favorite characters.

Yes, the kind that’s meant for brush-your-teeth-time only but slowly gets stuck in your head and before you know it, you’re humming it all day long.

Without further adieu, here are our top four toothbrush videos for kids:

1. Sesame Street toothbrush video for kids

This star-studded film is an absolute hit with the youngsters.

Who doesn’t love Elmo? Or Nicole Kidman?

This is an excellent video to have your kid watch while they brush their teeth.

We recommend getting the toothbrush ready first, and then have your child brush their teeth for the duration of the song.

For more dental-related fun, check out Sesame Street’s website with a toothbrush game and printouts.

“Brush brushy brush…”

2. Nursery rhymes toothbrush video for toddlers

Little Baby Bum has a song for just about everything you could think.

And this 2-minute toothbrush video is what dreams are made of:

  • One part educational: It teaches your toddlers how to brush their teeth, how often, how much toothpaste to use, etc.
  • One part fun: Using the rhythm of a song every kid knows – The Wheels on the Bus – your kid will easily follow along. Plus, it includes the toothbrush song lyrics in the description.

3. Plants vs. Zombies and ADA toothbrush video

A spin off the Plants vs. Zombies video game, this video introduces a TON of dental terminology in a fun and creative way.

Go figure too, the American Dental Association had a hand in making this video.

We’ll leave this up to your better judgment, but we recommend this video for a little older audience than the previous two videos.

The length of this video is approximately how long you should brush your teeth for:

Two minutes!

4. EZTales toothbrushing song

Nothing like a little rock ‘n’ roll to start your morning.

Chomper and the Bicuspids jam out with this catchy tune that you are bound to hum along to (even after it plays).

Not only is this toothbrush song appropriate for kids of all ages, but it also includes lyrics highlighting the words as you go – a great way for your kid to follow along and enhance their reading skills.

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much…

How to get your kids to brush their teeth

At Smile Surfers Kids Dentistry, we love the saying “Let kids be kids.”

What do we mean by that in regards to dentistry?

Well, we’ll tell you one thing:

It does NOT mean let your kids skip brushing their teeth.

But instead:

Let your kids have FUN while brushing their teeth.

They are going to have to do it twice a day for the rest of their lives, so they might as well enjoy it from a young age.

The importance you place on oral hygiene and health will be recognized by your child and carry on with them into adulthood.

So, give these videos a try and let us know how your kid responds.

Does your kid have a different favorite toothbrush video? Share it with us below in the comments! ?


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