Tasty, Teeth-Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats Kids Can Share

children sharing candyValentine’s Day is a fun time for kids with school parties filled with fun treats and activities. Many classes will have both a party and a Valentines exchange, often accompanied by candy. However fun this is for your kids, those treats may bring tooth decay. Though you can’t control what the other parents send to school with their kids, you can control the treats that leave your home and set the example for other parents in the future. Consider these tooth-friendly—but still fun—treats your kids can take to school this Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Though it’s sugary, chocolate is one of the best candies for teeth simply because it dissolves quickly. It doesn’t stay in contact long enough with teeth to do as much damage, especially if you’re sure to wash it down with a full glass of water afterwards. This is what makes chocolate covered strawberries a great Valentine’s Day treat! Both delicious and (relatively) nutritious!

Dark Chocolate Candies

Besides an array of other health benefits, dark chocolate has been known to be okay for teeth, and can even prevent tooth decay. It is filled with antioxidants great for both your skin and heart, but it also helps to control the amount of bad bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth decay. Dark chocolate candies are the perfect treat for your kids to share.

Chocolate-Filled Raspberries

Another chocolate delicacy perfect for Valentine’s Day, chocolate-filled raspberries are a delicious treat even the kids will love. Fill the cavity of a raspberry with mini, dark-chocolate chips for an awesome treat your kids can share.

Heart-Shaped Fruit Kebabs

Most kids love fruit, and with a little creativity, you can make a tasty, fruity treat for your kids’ Valentine’s Day party that will be a hit. When cut lengthwise, strawberry slices look just like hearts. Carve heart shapes out of other fruit slices, like pineapple, apples, and kiwi for a healthy treat.

Cheese and Crackers

With a small, heart-shaped cutter, punch heart shapes out of slices of cheese, then look for heart-shaped crackers at the grocery store, which shouldn’t be a problem with V-day approaching. Kids love cheese, and the calcium in the dairy product is an essential component to healthy teeth.

As you and your kids select the best treats for their Valentine’s Day parties, keep these teeth-friendly treats in mind. If you’re still struggling to find a treat that you’re sure the kids will love, at least remember this: Hard candies, gummies, and caramels are the worst kinds of candy for teeth. Kids suck on hard candies for a long time, exposing sugars to their teeth for an extended period. They also bite down on them early, which can be damaging to teeth. Gummies and caramels will get stuck in teeth causing more opportunity for tooth decay.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t risk it. Send treats your kids can share that are packed with health benefits and low tooth decay risks.