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Growing Up to Be a Dentist

Does your child want to grow up to be a dentist?  While this may seem like a strange wish, we hope you support your child in their dream.  To be a dentist, you have to be smart, brave, and good with people.  What parent wouldn’t want their child to grow up with these qualities?  Dentists also can make quite a bit of money, and if your child becomes a dentist, he or she will have the potential to have a successful career. However, it may seem daunting to help your child become a dentist, as you might not know much about the field.  We have answered a few questions that you might have below.

How Do I Encourage My Child?

Just like every dream, you should encourage your child to pursue their dream of becoming a dentist.  Talk to your local dentist and see if they will let your child shadow them for part of the day, so that they can really see what a dentist does.  Help them find books to read and movies to watch that will help them learn more about the human body. There are many toys out there that will help your child learn more about teeth.  Play-Doh has a Doctor Drill ‘N Fill kit, there are plush dentistry kits that your child can use on their stuffed animals, or there is a dentist Barbie set.

There will be many people who will moan and groan if your child tells them that when they grow up, they want to be a dentist.  Don’t listen to them, and try to help your child ignore them too.

How Do Dentists Help People?

Dentists help keep people healthy, although many don’t recognize that is what a dentist does.  Although it may hurt at the time, when you go in to get a cavity filled you are preventing further infection, further pain, and potential tooth loss.  Your oral hygiene is more indicative of your overall health than you might think, and a dentist helps keep people healthy by keeping their teeth and mouth clean.

How Does One Become a Dentist?

To become a dentist, you have to first attend college.  During that time, you may have to take prerequisite classes such as Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Statistics, and Physics.  You then take the DAT, the Dental Acceptance Test.  With that score, you then apply for Dentistry School to receive a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine.  After you receive your degree, you have to pass national and state licensing exams.