Crowns, Fillings, and Implants, Oh My!

Sometimes, whether due to a broken tooth or one that has been worn down by decay and poor tooth care, it is necessary for a tooth to essentially be rebuilt out of a variety of different materials. When it comes to these times, there are a variety of different options that dentists and patients have about how their smile is going to be fixed! These options are crowns, fillings, and implants. Indeed, the options can be quite confusing, though, if you aren’t aware of how each one works. To help clear up some of that confusion, here is a breakdown of the differences between crowns, fillings, and implants…


If you break a tooth, crack a tooth, or if a tooth is too decayed to fix with a filling, then crowns are the solution that you are usually going to be looking at. A crown is a specially molded, artificially made tooth that is usually created with ceramic or porcelain. This crown fits over your current tooth. Crowns are also great for fixing multiple teeth, since they can be made to fill in gaps and protect smaller, weaker teeth. Crowns also tend to look very realistic, which helps keep your smile fresh and white.


If you have been taking poor care of your teeth, and a tooth is suffering from decay or a cavity (which leads to decay), then part of that tooth is going to have to be drilled away, to make sure the cavity doesn’t spread. At that point, though, you need to fill in the missing part of the tooth. Apparently people don’t like holes in their teeth. Weird, right? At this time, dentists use fillings to fix the problem. Back in the day, fillings would look gold or silver, or eerily whiter than the rest of the tooth. However, today, fillings are made that look just like the rest of the tooth. Fillings only go so far, though. Sometimes, you need to use a crown if too much a tooth is rotted.


For people who need a significant amount of teeth to be replaced, or suffer major damage to the rest of the mouth, implants are going to be the best option. Dental implants are essentially an entire set of new teeth that are surgically attached to your jaw. While this is a very thorough fix to dental problems, dental implants are very expensive.