A Gentle Dentistry

Most adults who fear dental visits ended up that way because they had a traumatic experience. For them, the dentist equals pain. At the Kid’s Dentist, we always strive to apply a gentle touch and make sure no child has a bad first experience in the dentist’s chair. We understand that there is an inherent philosophical difference when it comes to pediatric dentistry, as opposed to dentistry for adults. As much as our jobs entails medicine and procedural work, it as much about knowing how to handle kids and make them feel comfortable during their time here. We always remember that we’re dealing with children, and therefore, must try to relate with them in order to give them the best experience possible! Through education, respect, and kindness, we have been able to put thousands of kids at ease in the chair, creating a trust with medical professionals that will stay with them as they grow older!

Being Gentle Facilitates Dental Hygiene 

The more gentle we are as dentists, the better the chances of your child starting to practice good dental hygiene with a positive attitude. A key part of giving your child a gentle dental experience is instilling in them a good attitude about dental hygiene and visits. If your child feels safe at the dentist, they will be motivated to practice oral hygiene in an attempt to maintain that sense of safety that they now associated with brushing and flossing their teeth. We know how important it is for every child to develop good hygiene habits at an early age, and we offer gentle dental care as a direct result.

Take the Gentle Touch Home 

When you bring your child to the Kid’s Dentist, we will not only give your child a gentle, positive dental experience; we will also advise you on how to take the gentle approach when rearing your child in dental hygiene. We’ll show you how to brush your younger children’s teeth gently but efficiently while they still need your help. Your child’s dental comfort is a team effort. We keep you involved in hopes that both you and your child see the difference coming to the Kid’s Dentist makes.


Contact our offices for more information on how we can ensure your child’s comfort and positive attitude through gentle dentistry.