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7 Fun Dental Themed Halloween Costumes

tooth fairyHalloween is coming up, and if you and your child haven’t yet thought of a great costume idea, now is the time to do it. Why not promote great dental care this Halloween with a fun, dental themed costume? Dental themed costumes are especially great because multiple family members can wear them together for a cohesive costume theme. Here are 8 fun costume ideas for you and your family to try this Halloween.

Tooth Fairy

This costume will excite the young girl who dreams of being a princess. All you need are an elegant princess-style dress, wings, and a magic wand. You can give the want a tooth-shaped tip to hint at who your child is, or you might try making the wand a giant toothbrush. You can also accent with a decorative crown, a crown with tooth-shaped accents, or a burlap sack with a tooth drawn on.


A toothbrush is a great costume that pairs especially well with a floss or toothpaste costume. For a toothbrush costume, you might create something wearable with cardboard, or you might create a colored gown with a toothbrush logo on the front. Then you can pair it with a hat that features clear plastic straw “bristles.”


For a dental floss costume, you can also try creating something wearable with cardboard, or a white gown that features the floss logo on the front. Then you can create a foil floss cutter at the shoulder and have yarn “floss” sticking out at the other shoulder.

Tube of toothpaste

To complete the toothbrush-floss-toothpaste costume trifecta, you’ll need a great toothpaste costume. You can use any combination of cardboard or fabric to create the wearable “tube” part of the costume, and then you can fashion a hat with a lampshade to look like the cap of the tube of toothpaste.


A tooth costume can also be incredibly easy. You can, for example, cut out two large teeth from white poster board and connect the tops of your poster board teeth with a long strip of elastic on each side, making for an instantly wearable costume. You can also try this same technique with two pillow-style teeth made from fabric and stuffing.


Why not simply be a dentist for Halloween? This is a great costume idea for a parent or child. All you need are scrubs and some sort of dental instrument, like a toothbrush or mouth mirror. You can even opt for multiple instruments and keep them in the scrubs shirt front pocket if there is one. You can also add a surgical mask, cap, or latex gloves if you like.

Darla from Finding Nemo

Remember Darla the fish killer? She isn’t exactly dental themed, but she does remind us of the famed dentist office in Finding Nemo. A Darla costume would be simple: all you need are a purple shirt, plaid skirt, pigtails, a makeshift headgear, and a plastic bag with a fake fish and water in it.